ゲルコートと塗装は、材料の成分も目的も 全く異なります



ザラザラして、塗装には都合が悪い。 そこで誕生したのがゲルコート


水研ぎしてバフ掛けをすると それこそピカピカになりますから塗装せず、そのままでいいような気がしてしまいます

サンディングをしやすいということは、言い換えれば キズがつきやすいということです

車体色に塗装するエアロパーツでは スクラッチキズが目立たないという理由から、白ゲルコートが選ばれることが多いようです
前述したように ゲルコートがメス型の中に吹き付けるのに対して、塗装は型から抜いた製品に吹き付ける作業です





Q.What is the gel court finish?

Because painting is mixed, I will explain general again with the gel court. To be brief

- Spraying in the surgical knife type beforehand is a gel court.
- Spraying from the outside on the product pulled out from the type

As for painting, the element of the material and the purpose are quite
different from the gel court.

"F.R.P is the one that fibers such as the glass and the carbons were
hardened with the resin" is a street where it has already known you.
When you express it a little more accurately

It is thought that it understands, and the surface enters the state that the fiber
becomes baring if what hardens there is pulled out from the type if it is imagined
that it becomes "F.R.P is the one that fibers such as the glass and the carbons were
hardened by using the resin in the surgical knife type" for a moment.

It is bluntly, and is inconvenient in painting. Having given birth there is a
gel court.

The fiber can be prevented being exposed beforehand by coating the gel (gel and
jelly) resins to the surgical knife type beforehand, and the groundwork of
beautiful painting be done.

When it does water laboratory buff multiplication as which the gel court of the transparency is inevitably chosen
from the reason that it wants to show a beautiful fiber, only it doesn't paint because it becomes Picapica,
 and think it is good as it is for the carbon fiber product.

It is that Kiz is in other words attached because the gel court is the groundwork material required to paint to
 the last after that however that Sanding that can be done with the hard resin Sandinged easily is done easily.

Painting is work sprayed on the product pulled out from the type while the white gel court is often chosen from the reason
that Scrattikiz is unremarkable and the gel court sprays it in the surgical knife type in the aero parts painted
 on the body color as mentioned above.

Two liquid urethane paints are a growth rate high, super-soft resins. It is strong in the bend,
and wind combination after it paints having it of the character that Kiz is not attached that
also disappears also by 'the subfusc' due to a detailed wound and a slight ruggedness, and
cannot mean indescribable by deep luster.

This clear urethane that will be able to actually feel that the level
of the product goes up greatly is blown and it enters a final
finished state.

It is only in Kiz, and being painted is strong before it becomes it and wrong doesn't exist in twice the Ssmeed satisfaction rating
 though there seems to be not doing because of digging into one's purse either ..becoming...

The gel court finish doesn't exist in a dry carbon though it is a bytalk.